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    The year is not yet over, but just begun. A lot more has yet to happen and a lot has been already planned. Are you the one who love Technology, Web Designing and Developing and does the world term you as Geek and you dont give a damn about it, and definitely you would love to meet like minded people like you, then here is a list on upcoming workshops related to the latest Technology, Skills-Tips-Tricks of the latest Web Design and Development world from the gurus! Interested In Joining Us REGISTER NOW and take your career to next level.

    Find out which one suits your group on choice:

    Web Designing WORKSHOP

    The basic purpose of this workshop is to invite all those professional/individuals who find it difficult to develop application due to problem in writing code and are really interested to learn how to develop web applications. The content of this workshop is designed in such a way that a professional who does not know anything about designing web application, will be able to develop applications with the help of discussion & hands-on-session during workshop.


    This workshop will cover the tutorial,Hands-on Session & Demonstration of different topics.


    A Participant must have the basic knowledge of computer handling,installation of application software and working with internet.

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